This part of the city once belonged to the congregation of weaving foremen. Since it remained undeveloped for a long time, various town games and slides were held here. Originally, it was to be the site of Lodz's first brick church - which eventually stood across the street, while in the 1860s the city's first university, the Polytechnic Institute, was planned to be located here. However, this did not come to fruition. In the interwar years, the idea of laying out a square in this location, which at the time was a green enclave in the center of the city, was revived.




Far from the road

dir. Zbigniew Chmielewski, 1976


We meet Leszek Górecki, the protagonist of the seven-episode series "Far from the road" (starring Krzysztof Stroinski) at the Paris Commune Square. Leszek arrives in Lodz on his new WSK motorcycle and parks it there. In the background we can see Tuwima Street, where streetcars were still running at the time, and the now iconic FSO production vehicles "Warszawa" and "Syrena" standing in the parking lot. The reason for coming to Lodz is to meet recently met girl - Anna. In order to present himself properly, Leszek changes into a suit and coat, and leaves his bag with less outgoing clothes in a booth at the collector's office in the parking lot.


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