Situated in the heart of Poland, Łódź is the third most populous Polish city and a film capital of the country. Basing on a splendid heritage of the Feature Film Studio, where the greatest masterpieces of the Polish film were made, a half thousand of creative enterprises operate here in the film industry, and Łódź Film Commission ensures comprehensive assistance to producers.Three public art academies provide professional staff for the industry. The world-famous Łódź Film School polishes talents of the most outstanding artists of Polish and world cinema. The Academy of Fine Arts educates future props masters, costume designers, scenographers, lighting designers, animators, multimedia designers and art critics. The Academy of Music offers studies in film music composition, sound production and music in the media. The History and Theory of Film Department at the University of Lodz is the longest-operating university-based film research centre in Poland. The Central Film Education Cabinet offers courses for children and youth.Łódź is also home to numerous film-related festivals, among which the Festival of Film Critics Kamera Akcja, the Man in Danger Media Festival or the International Nature Film Festival gather both local and international audiences.The Film Museum offers unique collections of exhibits, and the newly established National Centre for Film Culture, upon completion of the construction work, will bring to life spectacular expositions devoted to the audio-visual technologies, the process of filmmaking, and the history of Polish film culture, as well as a multimedia research lab and learning spaces. 

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