• The Man in Danger Media Festival


    Documentaries and television reports on challenges
    of the modern world. A creative forum for
    the exchange of experiences on the human condition.
    One of the most significant Polish festivals, promoting
    openness and the overcoming of barriers
    since 1990. The annual event culminates
    activities of the Cinematography Museum, intended
    to promote documentary cinema – a noble,
    non-commercial branch of the film industry.

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  • Camera Action Film Critics Festival


    The only event in Europe devoted to the activity
    of film critics. Unforgettable films, discussions,
    workshops, one-on-one meetings, tours of filmmakers’
    Łódz, competitions for video bloggers,
    young critics and creators, narrowing the gap
    between the audience and filmmakers.
    The organisers closely cooperate with Poland’s
    academic community and emphasize the educational
    nature of the event.

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  • Filmteractive Festival


    A meeting place for the representatives of business,
    marketing, creative industries and culture.
    The most interesting case studies from around
    the world and their authors, practical
    knowledge and a chance exchange business
    ideas into creative solutions.

    Filmteractive promotes the cooperation of institutions
    and enterprises from the film industry,
    digital, media and advertising technologies.

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  • ANIMARKT Stop Motion Forum

    The first in Central and Eastern Europe event of
    a kind, directed to animation students and professionals.
    A place for exchanging experience in
    animation production, sharing know-how and
    pitching for new stop motion projects.

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  • International Włodzimierz Puchalski Nature Film Festival

    The biggest presentation of nature films in Poland. The Festival is held every
    two years since 1980 and belongs to the ECOMOVE International organization,
    formed by festivals from Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Portugal,
    Japan and Italy.

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  • Polówka Summer Film Festival

    Open free-of-charge for residents, the open-air
    projections are held in collaboration with many
    film and cultural institutions of Łódź. An exceptional
    atmosphere of summer evenings under
    the stars, quality cinema within walking distance:
    in parks, courtyards, housing estates and

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