The neo-Baroque street palace, once owned by the Lodz factory owner Wilhelm Lürkens, has been the headquarters of SPATiF, or the restoration of the Association of Polish Theater and Film Artists, since the 1950s. This legendary club gathered the most outstanding personalities of Polish cinema and theater. As a film location, the restaurant's interiors made their debut in 1959, when "Avantura o Basia" directed by Maria Kaniewska was filmed there. The apartment of the writer Stanislaw Olszowski was located here. In the 1960s, the building starred in "Stake More Than Life." In the episode "Strictly Secret", directed by Janusz Morgenstern, a ball is held here at the home of a creisleiter of the Radom NSDAP. Here Kloss (Stanislaw Mikulski) meets the engineer Reil, his subordinate Puschke and Rioletto - a specialist in occult knowledge played by Leon Niemczyk.





dir. Robert Gliński, Michał Rosa, 2020


In the biographical series Osiecka from 2020, SPATiF played itself - a meeting place for the intelligentsia and artistic bohemia to which the title character belonged in the 1950s and 1960s, then a student at the legendary Film School in Łódź. We can see the interiors of the premises on screen several times. In the episode 'Beautiful Twenty-Year-Old', Osiecka (Eliza Rycembel), sitting at a table with her fellow students, notices Marek Hłasko (Jędrzej Hycnar) drinking in the other room. When he gets up and leaves, she hurriedly follows him and, in the stairwell, she secretely takes a picture of him.. Again, we can see the SPATiF of Łódź in the episode entitled 'I was joking'. Osiecka is sitting at the bar with a glass of wine when Wojtek Frykowski (Mikołaj Roznerski) enters the room. Trying to impress the girl, he arranges a scene by making a deal with a random guest of the establishment. The stranger approaches Agnieszka and pusillanimously forces his company on her. At this point, Frykowski steps in and heroically saves the girl from her predicament.


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