EC1 was the first city power plant in Łódź. It was launched in 1907 and it operated uninterruptedly up to 2001.  The revitalised and extended EC1 complex constitutes one of the most important elements of the New Centre of Łódź. Today the former heat and power plant houses the cultural institution called EC1 Łódź - City of Culture.


Currently, within the EC1 there operates the biggest - in terms of exhibition space - Centre for Science and Technology EC1 and the most cutting-edge Planetarium EC1 in Poland. In those state-of-the-art facilities, successfully combined with the historic architectural tissue, the National Centre for Film Culture is being created, i.e. a centre for culture, education and exhibitions, devoted to film culture. It will be an exceptional place for all those interested in the world of film and audiovisual culture. Another part of the complex was intended for the Centre for Comics and Interactive Narration EC1.


In the building of the Centre for Cartoon and Interactive Narration, currently located in the EC1 Łódź complex, the Se-Ma-For Studio had its headquarters. The studio continued the tradition of the one that produced Zbigniew Rybczyński’s Tango, which was awarded an Oscar for best short animated film.


Se-Ma-For was also a co-producer of the Oscar-winning Peter and the Wolf, a puppet animation directed by Suzie Templeton. It was the studio in Łódź that created the puppets used in this film.


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