The Palace was built at the turn of the 19th and the 20th centuries, most probably according to the design of Adolf Zeligson, the architect of the Poznański family. This corner palace alludes to the renaissance style, among other things to the Library of Saint Mark in Venice. Originally, it was the residence of Maurycy Poznański - an industrialist, economic and political activist. Since 1948 it has been the seat of the Muzeum Sztuki in Łódź (ms1).



dir. Andrzej Wajda, 2016


We can see the Muzeum Sztuki in one of the last scenes of Wajda’s film, when Strzemiński (Bogusław Linda), together with his daughter, Nika (Bronisława Zamachowska), transport the artist’s works on a sledge to deposit them there and thus protect them from being destroyed by the regime.


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