Designed by Viennese architect Karl Seidel, the mansion was built between 1888 and 1889 in the garden of the factory owner Richter family, later transformed into the Bishop M. Klepacz Park. The building’s architecture – with a distinctive loggia on the garden side – follows the patterns and designs of the Italian Renaissance. Thanks to its well-preserved interiors, it was one of Lodz’s favourite film locations, as was the neighbouring picturesque residence of the other Richter brother – Reinhold. Since 1976, the villa has served as the Wedding Palace. It now houses the rectorate of the Lodz University of Technology.


Blind Chance

directed by Krzysztof Kieślowski, 1987


At the time when the Registry Office was located in the Richter Villa, a wedding scene for Kieślowski’s film was shot here. In the third version of the story, Witek Długosz (Bogusław Linda) marries there college friend Olga Matwiszyn (Monika Goździk). Just before the ceremony, Olga tells Witek that she is expecting a baby. During the marriage vows, Witek finds it hard to hide his joy.


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