It was originally named Ludwig Meyer Passage after its creator. At the time it was a private, off-limits street along which stood exclusive villas designed for high officials. They were equipped with modern installations - each house and garden was illuminated with electric lights, and the street itself was paved with wooden pavers so that the wheels of carriages and horses' hooves made as little noise as possible. Moniuszko Street, next to Roosevelt Street, is the most "movie" street in Lodz.




Career of Nikodem Dyzma

dir. Jan Rybkowski, Marek Nowicki, 1980


In the opening scene of the series, Nikodem Dyzma (Roman Wilhelmi) stands outside the Splendid cinema, located at 1 Moniuszki St. However, he is so poor that he cannot afford a ticket. Resigned, he walks away in the direction of Piotrkowska Street. When we see him again in this area he is already the director of the Grain Bank, which in the series is played by the building of the former ‘Ludwik Geyer’ Cotton Products Joint-Stock Company at the junction of Moniuszki and Piotrkowska streets. Just at the corner of the bank we see Dyzma in the company of his irreplaceable assistant, Krzepicki (Jerzy Bończak). The shots were taken only on the outside, while the bank's interior was shot in the Biedermann palace at 1/5 Franciszkańska Street.


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