At the end of the 19th century, the owner of the plot at today's Roosevelta 17 address was Konrad Haessner, a Lodz industrialist active in the chemical industry. To design the building, Haessner teamed up with Lodz's leading architect, Gustaw Landau - Gutenteger. At the aforementioned address, a luxurious Neo-Baroque-style building was created, with a richly decorated facade and sumptuous interiors, which, thanks to careful renovation in recent years, we can still admire today. Currently, the building is the headquarters of the House of Literature in Lodz.




People and Gods

reż. Bodo Kox, 2020


It is here, in the gate clearance, that we meet the protagonists of the series "People and Gods’, directed by Bodo Kox. We are taken to Warsaw in 1941. Members of the liquidation squad of the Home Army counter-intelligence are gathering before a planned action. Their task is to execute death sentences on Polish traitors. This time, Igo Sym, a Polish-Austrian actor who collaborated with the Nazis (Lesław Żurek), is sentenced to death by a hood court operating at the Union of Armed Struggle. At this time, Lieutenant Leszek Zaremba, alias ‘Onyx’ (Jacek Knap), who is in charge of the execution, is standing at the gate with other members of the unit and they watch the entrance to the tenement across the street from Sym's flat.


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