A monumental metropolitan tenement house located at the junction of Kościuszki and Zielona Streets. It was erected between 1894-1895 according to the project of architect Dawid Lange. It was commissioned by the Lodz entrepreneurs Mieczysław Pinkus and Jakub Lende. From the moment of its construction, for the next 70 years, it was the largest tenement house in Lodz.



Cold War

dir. Paweł Pawlikowski, 2018


In Paweł Pawlikowski’s film, the tenement house stars, above all, as the interiors of French flats, albeit not only. Also the scene taking place in the train toilet was shot in it. For the purposes of the production of Cold War, the interiors of the building were staged as the flat belonging to Michel (Cédric Kahn), film director and Wiktor’s (Tomasz Kot) friend. In that flat the memorable party after the premiere of Michel’s film, during which Zula (Joanna Kulig) meets the upper crust of the French capital city, takes place. In an earlier scene, the interiors of the tenement house starred as well as the flat belonging to Wiktor’s lover – Juliette (Jeanne Balibar), to whom he comes back after the meeting with Zula in Café Le Balto, and were used as the scenery of the love scene taking place in a Parisian hotel.


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