The 1875 Neo-Romanesque edifice now occupied by the Medical University originally served as the Lodz Christian Benevolent Society's Shelter for Old People and Cripples. Its first president was a Lodz-based factory owner of German origin, Julius Heinzel. In 1939 the occupation authorities took over the building, and after the war it was handed over for use by the University of Lodz. When medical faculties were excluded from the scope of the University's activities and the Medical Academy (today's Medical University) was established, the building passed into its ownership.





dir. Jan P. Matuszyński


At the back of the Collegium Anatomicum there is a scene of a shootout between a group of nationalists and members of the Warsaw Kum Kaplica (Arkadiusz Jakubik) gang. Jakub Szapiro (Michał Żurawski), Kaplica's right-hand man and wetwork guy, impetuously enters the courtyard in a black limousine. He hopes to rescue his boss and the other gang members from trouble. Kaplica runs out of one of the buildings and escapes towards the car, but before he can get into it he is shot in the arm by Żwirski (Adam Bobik), who is pursuing him.


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