The biggest palace of a factory owner in Europe, which used to belong to Poznański's Family. Since 1975 has been the seat of the Museum of the City of Łódź.


The palace interiors constitute an exposition that shows the life of factory owners in a 19th-century metropolis which in less than half a century became one of the biggest industrial centres in Poland. The exhibitions present items connected with the most important events in the history of Łódź and distinguished residents of city.


In the Museum of the City of Łódź located inside the Palace, we can see the Oscar statuette awarded by the American Film Academy. It is the award granted to the creators of biographical film about Arthur Rubinstein’s life L’Amour de la vie (The Love of Life). The statuette is on display at the exhibition devoted to the life and work of Arthur Rubinstein – ‘The Museum of Master Arthur’.


The Promised Land

Dir. Andrzej Wajda, 1974


The palace, or rather its interior, played the role of Herman Bucholtz’s residence in Wajda’s film. The wooden staircase and the dining room were used by the filmmakers as locations in the scenes of Karol’s visit to the industrialist’s house. Bucholc welcomes his guest in the sumptuous hall and instructs Borowiecki to read several private letters for his amusement. He is most amused by the insulting anonymous letters which he then orders Karol to burn in the fireplace, just like the correspondence asking for financial support for the former employees of the plant who are unable to work.


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