Film Festivals

  • Festiwal Transatlantyk

    Great movies and music from all over the world. Legendary masters and young artists, filmmakers and musicians, hundreds of film screenings and numerous musical events. Transatlantyk Festival in Łódź is an artistic platform creating stronger relationships between people, art and environment and inspiring discussions on current social issues through music and film. It is a recognized international new-generation festival, building its identity on a sophisticated offer addressed to the film industry and a widely-accessible programme of social education and activation.

    The programme is supplemented with all-year events addressed to the residents of Łódź and the region, i.e. [Transatlantyk Festival MicroGrants Programme of Co-Creating Events], Śniadania z Transatlantykiem [Breakfasts with Transatlantyk], and events co-financed from the Festival Fund.

    The Founder and the Director of the Festival is an eminent composer, Academy awarded Jan A.P. Kaczmarek.


  • Media Festival "Man in Danger"

    The Festival, organised since 1990 by the Film Museum in Łódź, presents documentaries and TV reportage films dedicated to problems faced by the modern man. The Festival is the culmination of year-long activities of the Film Museum in Łódź, intended to promote documentary cinema, a noble, yet non-commercial branch of the film industry, as well as focused on establishing of the widest possible and creative forum to exchange experience and views on the condition of the modern man.


  • Montaż Film Festival

    The only international festival in Poland entirely devoted to professional film post production, from montage, colour grading and audio post production, to visual effects. Films in the Main Competition are assessed in 4 categories: fiction, documentary, music video, and trailer.

    The Montaż Film Festival creates also space for meetings of professional editors, young representatives of film art, and film lovers.


  • Kamera Akcja Film Critics Festival

    It is the only event in Europe devoted to the activity of film critics. It contributes to the development of film criticism, shows the presence of film critics in less obvious settings, and breaks stereotypes. The aim of the Festival is to educate viewers and inspire them to look for their own sensitivity to art through developing tastes and showing new directions for the development of cinema, not only by way of film showings, but also a number of accompanying events, such as discussion panels, workshops, one-on-one meetings, tours around the Łódź of cinema, competitions for video bloggers, young critics, and artists.

    The Festival cooperates closely with academics from all over Poland, placing emphasis on the educational dimension. It is also highly valued by the film community as an event at the highest substantive, organizational and educational level.

    Due to the organisation of competitions and workshops, many talented people have a chance to start their career as critics, whereas the Festival itself continues the traditions of Łódź as the cradle of the Polish film thought.


  • Forum of European Cinema “Cinergia”

    The concept of the Festival, organised since 1992, is propagating and promoting art cinema, including both new films, as well as classic or forgotten ones, which constitutes an alternative to the mainstream cinema. As part of the competition section established in 2010, the newest European debuts compete for the Crystal Boat statuette awarded by an international jury.

    The programme includes several thematic sections that consist usually of reviews of selected trends and national cinemas, a retrospective of outstanding filmmakers, reviews of short films by the students of the Film School in Łódź, or animated short films. The format of the Festival is varied and rich in events; apart from showings, there are also seminars, meetings with filmmakers, exhibitions, concerts, as well as fashion shows („Cinema en Vogue”).


  • International Włodzimierz Puchalski Nature Film Festival

    The Festival, with its motto “The promotion of European nature and landscape”, is not only the biggest presentation of nature films in Poland, but, above all, it is a great festival of ecologists, filmmakers-naturalists, photographers, and painters, who are aware of the issues of the present world and the nature surrounding us.

    The Festival has been held in Łódź every two years since 1980, and in 2001 it changed its status to international. The main organizer of the event - Wytwórnia Filmów Oświatowych (Educational Films Studio) has specialised in the production of nature and educational films, made in cooperation with outstanding filmmakers, for over sixty years

    The Festival belongs to the ECOMOVE International organization, which has been formed for organizers of nature film festivals from Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Portugal, Japan and Italy.


  • Summer Film Festival "Polówka"

    The Festival involves film showings that take place during the whole summer in parks and courtyards of museums and office buildings in Łódź.


  • International Festival of Animation Art “AnimArt!”

    The largest and the only-one-of-its-kind event in Poland devoted fully to the animation art, both film, as well as theatrical animation.

    The mission of the Festival is to present the most valuable phenomena and trends in the modern animation and compare the output of Polish artists and artists from all around the world, engaged in puppet theater and animated film.

    The organizers of the Festival are the Arlekin Puppet Theater and MOMAKIN.