Deep freeze urban dictionary

Deep freeze urban dictionary Gold Coast Deep Freeze unknown When you get back from the pubs and notice a handbag on the floor, urinate in it and place it in the freezer . See more. As in a woman that looks like she must always be reaching for something to eat out of the deep freeze. Deepfreeze synonyms, Deepfreeze pronunciation, Deepfreeze translation, English dictionary definition of Deepfreeze. I have 20 packs of smokies from that deer I shot in the fall stored out there on the Manitoba Deepfreeze. The act of ejaculating on a female's face after having sex outside in the winter, preferably somewhere very cold. Either anal or vaginal. The ejaculate freezes to her face, giving her a Siberian Deep Freeze. n 1. Deep-freeze definition, to quick-freeze (food). storage in or as if in a deepfreeze 3. BrowseAre you gonna head to McDonalds with us on lunch break? No, I have a club pack of No Name frozen burritos in the Manitoba Deepfreeze that I'll microwave. . Deep freeze unknown When you put an ice cube in the tip of a condom then put your dick deep in a girl and make her say "burrrr" Damn bro I was banging this girl and she wanted me to give her a deep freezeA morbidly obese woman. Deepfreeze definition, a brand of deep freezer. That girl last night copped the old Gold Coast Deep FreezeThe act of sticking a frozen popsicle stick into the anus of another person for sexual pleasure or just to degrade said person. a type of refrigerator in which food, etc, is stored for long periods at temperatures below freezing 2. What does Deep-Freeze mean in Urban Dictionary?: The act of Masturbating with a popsicle Deep freeze urban dictionary
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