• Festiwal Transatlantyk

    Great movies and music from all over the world. Legendary masters and young artists, filmmakers and musicians, hundreds of film screenings and numerous musical events. Transatlantyk Festival in Łódź is an artistic platform creating stronger relationships between people, art and environment and inspiring discussions on current social issues through music and film. It is a recognized international new-generation festival, building its identity on a sophisticated offer addressed to the film industry and a widely-accessible programme of social education and activation.The programme is supplemented with all-year events addressed to the residents of Łódź and the region, i.e. [Transatlantyk Festival MicroGrants Programme of Co-Creating Events], Śniadania z Transatlantykiem [Breakfasts with Transatlantyk], and events co-financed from the Festival Fund.The Founder and the Director of the Festival is an eminent composer, Academy awarded Jan A.P. Kaczmarek.


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